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Research Associate

Heather B. James is a Research Associate at the Education and Employment Research Center. Heather has an MA from the CUNY Graduate Center. She is currently completing her Ph.D. at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. She's received three fellowships while at Rutgers, including an award from the Eagleton Institute of Politics and a teaching fellowship from University's Honors College.

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Dr. Padma Arvind, Director of the New Jersey Health Care Talent Network

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Lessons Learned from Implementation and Research of Adult College Completion in Four States

The Rutgers/NAWB team’s efforts since 2010 to implement and conduct research on adult college completion in Mississippi, Pennsylvania, Indiana and Oklahoma have afforded us many “lessons learned” regarding what makes for a successful initiative. These lessons include: 

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Strengthening Ties with Higher Education: Its Importance for Workforce Centers

A strong ACC program necessitates robust relationships between workforce centers and their higher education partners, community colleges and four-year colleges. The two systems share many mutual interests and have common goals. 

Strengthening the ties between workforce development and higher education can serve multiple functions for both systems. A closer working relationship can significantly improve:

Adult College Completion Glossary

Credential: A credential is official acknowledgment of the completion of one class, or a set of classes, streamlined to quickly enhance job skills.