Labor Studies & Employment Relations

Requirements | Bachelor of Arts in Labor Studies and Employment Relations

In order to major in this multidisciplinary course of study, students must take 36 credits of Labor Studies & Employment Relations courses with a grade of C or better as part of the total 120 credits required to graduate from Rutgers. These courses must include:

Bachelor of Arts in Labor Studies and Employment Relations

Are you interested in how work is managed, the problems of working people, and what workers have done as individuals and groups to address these problems? Do you want to help change jobs/society for the better while also having a rewarding professional career? 

Then this joint degree from SMLR and the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) could be for you.

Careers in LSER

Career Options with a Master of Labor and Employment Relations Degree

Graduate Certificates

The School of Management and Labor Relations offers individuals with bachelor’s degrees the chance to obtain graduate certificates. These involve a series of regular graduate courses. Credits can later be transferred to one of the master’s programs offered by the School of Management and Labor Relations.

Labor Studies and Employment Relations

SMLR Guests from LO-Sweden Gain Insights on Assessing Union Workers' Skills

On March 29-30, 2012, 11 delegates from LO, The Swedish Trade Union Confederation, visited the  School of Management and Labor Relations (SMLR) to learn about how trade union members’ work experience and training can be translated into college credits.

In Sweden, where the majority of both blue and white collar workers are union members, LO organizes workers in both the public and private sector. [read more]

Graduate Certificates

Graduate Certilficates consist of four to six regular graduate courses and are open to nondegree students with a bachelor’s degree. Credits can later be transferred to SMLR master’s programs. Our current Graduate Certificates include: Labor and Employment Relations, Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace,   Public Sector Labor-Management RelationsDisability Management (offered to Prudential Insurance employees).

How to Apply to the Master and Certificate Programs

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Labor Education and Research Now

The Labor Studies and Employment Relations Department offers a number of continuing studies programs through LEARN, Labor Education and Research Now, including partnerships with and customized programs for other organizations. Current programs include:

Continuing Studies for Joint Programs and Management

Joint Labor Management Program
Occupational Training and Education Consortium

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