Labor Studies & Employment Relations

Work Organization and Management

Do you want a career managing people instead of finances or things? Are you interested in how teams are replacing assembly lines in some workplaces or how bureaucracy is changing in global corporations? 

Work, Globalization, and Migration

Globalization—the international movement of people, goods, and ideas—is remaking New Jersey and the rest of the world on a daily basis. Immigration, outsourcing of work, and new types of work in an internet-connected world all have had a huge impact on American workers. As citizens and public policymakers struggle with how to protect labor standards in an ever more global economy, studying how other nations have maintained good jobs in open economies can enable you to help reshape our institutions to operate more effectively in a global environment.

Law and the Workplace

Are you concerned about advancing the fair treatment of individuals? Are you interested in learning about dignity and rights at work? Do you know enough about your own rights at work—or do you need to know more? Are you considering going to law school?

Labor Unions and Social Movements

Do you want to help people achieve dignity at work—along with better treatment and a higher standard of living? Are you intrigued by recent social movements—some of which are from the political right and some of which are from the left? Do you realize that New Jersey is one of the most unionized states in the United States and that by studying unions you can have excellent employment opportunities?

Diversity in the Workplace

Do you have a passion for understanding the situation of, and improving the treatment of, a particular group of Americans—such as Asian Americans, Haitian immigrants, or people with disabilities?

There is much to learn about how to achieve social justice for everyone by studying the struggles of various diverse groups in the workplace and in society.

Minors & Concentrations

Labor Studies and Employment Relations Minor

Bachelor of Science in Labor and Employment Relations

Are you interested in how work is managed, the problems of working people, and what workers have done as individuals and groups to address these problems?

Choosing a B.A. or B.S. Degree

The Bachelor of Arts in Labor Studies and Employment Relations (B.A.) is a joint degree between the School of Management and Labor Relations (SMLR) and the School of Arts and Sciences (SAS).

The Bachelor of Science in Labor and Employment Relations (B.S.) is granted solely by the School of Management and Labor Relations.

Application Essay Guidelines

We take your application essay very seriously as we make our decisions about granting students a B.A. in Labor Studies & Employment Relations. We want very much to know why you have chosen the major, and how you see pursuing the major as fitting into your future plans. This is essay is required for SAS students in order to register for the Perspectives on Labor Studies course.