Labor Studies & Employment Relations

ELUR Certificate Program Faculty

Employment Law for Union Representatives Certificate Program classes are taught by full-time and adjunct faculty of the Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations, and experienced legal experts. Each instructor brings an extensive background in consulting and training for labor and management relations, in both the public and private sectors.

Summit on Public Safety and the Fiscal Crisis

Is urban violent crime on the rise due to police layoffs?  Are fire service response times increasing as cities and towns reduce the number of their professional firefighters?  We want to answer these questions and many other important public safety problems.

Past Programs


LEARN offers a variety of programs to help advance workers and union members. Past programs include:



Learning Objectives for Undergraduates

Labor Studies and Employment Relations Department


Master's Program

Study Work. Value People. Lead Change.

How to Apply

Instructions for applying to the Masters and Certificate Programs.

We are delighted that you are interested in applying to our Labor Studies and Employment Relations Masters or Certificate Program.  Click here to read this short guide. 

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See What Our Students & Alumni Are Saying

Jenna Hampton recently began the master's program in Labor and Employment Relations. Read More.

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Undergraduate Programs

Undergraduate Programs

Study Work. Value People. Lead Change.

The Labor Studies and Employment Relations Department offers a number of undergraduate programs that explore the nature of work and the workplace. Courses are taught by a world-renowned faculty known for their teaching ability, cutting-edge research, and real-world experience in the field.

What's the Difference Between a B.A. and B.S.?

Choosing a B.A. or B.S. Degree

Although these two degrees are very similar, their general education requirements, major requirements, and student policies are somewhat different. Because of this, you may find that one of these degrees meets your individual needs better than the other.

Minors and Concentrations

The 18 credit Labor Studies and Employment Relations Minor is available to all Rutgers students and includes the option to be further specialized according to your interests and career goals. Both the general minor and the following specialized minors are currently available.

The Human Resource Management Department also offers an HRM Minor.

Our Students


Sean Campbell, a SMLR graduate, speaks about the value of the program in building career skills. 

Departmental Honors

To receive Departmental Honors, students must have the following GPA in the major:

• “Honors” are awarded to all graduating seniors with a grade point average of 3.50 or better.

• “High Honors” to those with an average of 3.70 or better.

• “Highest Honors” to those with an average of 3.85 or better.

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Labor Education and Research Now (LEARN): Empowering Minds. Transforming Lives.

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The Employment Law for Union Representatives and Attorneys Certificate Program benefits leaders and representatives of unions that want to learn about the laws that govern the American workplace, and the way they interact with collective bargaining agreements. Click here to register!

Union Leadership Academy courses equip union rank-and-file members, emerging union leaders, and new professional union staff with the knowledge to effectively represent the interests of members. Click here to register for courses that will enhance your leadership skills in both your union and in your community!

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