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Misperceptions that Matter

04/03/2011—Individuals often have misperceptions. For example, when I persuaded my family to move from Southern California to New Jersey five years ago so I could accept the deanship at SMLR, I knew we’d have less sunshine, but assumed it wouldn’t still be snowing in April.

Assistant Professor / Executive Director, Education and Workforce Development Research


Dr. Terri Boyer is Assistant Professor and Executive Director of the Center for Women and Work, an innovative leader in research and programs that promote gender equity, a high-skill economy, and reconciliation of work and well-being for all.

Income Inequality, Employment, and Injustice

02/07/2011—As the world’s attention is focused on the popular uprisings in the Middle East, many are speculating on the underlying sources of this civil unrest. Most agree that major contributing factors to destabilizing these authoritarian governments are the combination of high levels of rising prices, youth unemployment and income inequality.

Sputnik II or A Nation at Risk Again: China’s Rapid Educational Progress and the Implications for the U.S.

12/14/10—At this busy time of year, some may have missed the startling findings of the latest international comparison of 15-year-olds’ examination results that appeared on the front page of Tuesday’s New York Times. The results released by the OECD’s PISA (Program for International Student Achievement) showed that 15-year-olds in Shanghai, which was taking part in PISA for the first time, finished first relative to their peers in 65 countries in every subject – reading, science, and math. The US was respectively 17th, 23rd and 31st (see Table below).

The Power of Zee

11/12/2010—Zee Yoong Kang, or “Zee” as he’s known to his friends and colleagues, is the dynamic young CEO of NTUC LearningHub, the training and development subsidiary of Singapore’s National Trade Union Congress. We met last week in Singapore (where I was giving a keynote speech at the 3rd Annual Adult Learning Symposium) to discuss the vital role that skill development can play in helping to build the strength of unions in today’s knowledge economy.

China Part III: Labor Supply and Demand

10/18/2010 - On my recent visit to China I had the chance to conduct fieldwork for a large new research project on Developing the Skills of the 21st Century Workforce with Prof. Mingwei Liu.  Mingwei was my first assistant professor hire at SMLR, and we are delighted to have attracted him to Rutgers, as he isalready establishing himself as one of the leading scholars studying labor issues in China.