37 Professionals Receive Certificates, Complete LEARN's Continuing Education Programs

On May 22, 2013, Rutgers School of Management and Labor Relations honored the 30 members of the Public Sector Labor Relations Certificate Program (PERC) and seven members of Union Leadership Academy (ULA) as they received certificates for completing their respective programs. Held in the Labor Education Center, the ceremony brought together the certificate recipients along with their course instructors, guest speakers, and family members to honor their achievement.

From left, Wanda Gilliam and Dave Csik, members of Local 194 International Federation of Professional & Technical Engineers and 2013 PERC program certificate recipients, stand in front of their union's banner at Rutgers Labor Education Center. 

Dean Susan J. Schurman and Professor Adrienne Eaton, chair of the Department of Labor Studies and Employment Relations, congratulated the certificate recipients during their opening remarks. Don Horowitz, Public Employment Relations Commission (PERC) Deputy General Counsel, and Assemblyman Thomas P. Giblin, president of the Essex County Labor Council and business manager at IUOE Local 68, were the guest speakers.

Wanda Gilliam, a member of Local 194 International Federation of Professional & Technical Engineers, AFL-CIO, was among the graduates from the PERC program. She credits the program’s classes and instructors for advancing her knowledge of key labor and employment issues and problem-solving techniques.

“I really enjoyed the program. The instructors take you all the way through the classes and let you know the avenues available,” says Gilliam. “I’m better prepared and will take what I learned back to my fellow workers to help empower them.”  

Dave Csik, who is also a member of Local 194 and a PERC program graduate, found the negotiation and arbitration classes as particularly beneficial. “I was able to learn what can and cannot be in a contract and how the arbitration process works. Knowing the contract language makes me a better informed and skilled union member,” says Csik. 

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